The Story

HELLTOWN WHISKEY announces the Spring 2021 release of a Limited Special Selection 16-Year-Old Bourbon and 16-Year-Old Barrel Strength Bourbon.  Founder Harlan Overholt is part of the renowned family that first popularized American Rye Whiskey centuries ago. Partners are Harry Gasparian of Caramba Tequila fame and 80’s Club Kid and Brand Ambassador Roy Oldenkamp.

HELLTOWN WHISKEY has reached out to high quality whiskey sources for a sixteen-year-old Bourbon and a companion BARREL STRENGTH edition.   The truly unique flavor profile hits all the right notes, ends with a STRONG finish, and is a rare, limited American release. Branch water optional.

Look for upcoming releases of select aged Rye and Bourbon whiskies in Spring/Summer 2021. HELLTOWN. Heaven sent.

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